Power Couples Temecula

Power Couples Temecula

Thanks to Temecula Start up Week for kick starting the week with 3 POWER COUPLES; thank you Jeff Crume and Jodi, Philip and Elisha, and Moderator Merle Singer – James A. Omps and I were honored to be on the stage with you all. Sharing our stories to inspire others is the most important aspect of life, lessons learned form real life are precious. Thank you Cho Spicer for these photos, and thanks also to James Zuley and Dr Bridges for taking the time out to join us and film the session for EZWAY PROMOTIONS coming soon. Eric Zuley Danté Sears Tina Larson Hall, Amy J Morrison, Pattie Godfrey Sadler https://temecula.startupweek.co/ Merle Singer The Relationship Miracle Worker http://relationshipmiracleworker.com/ Jeff & Jodi Crume Having met in April of 1992, and married in February of 1996, Jeff & Jodi Crume have been together for over twenty-six years. They have raised four children, Kami, 20, a Sophomore at Vanguard University, Talia, 17, a freshmen at UCSD this fall, Luke, 14, who is into body-building, and Braeden, 12, who loves basketball and golf. Jodi holds her Masters Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University and is Dean of Student Support at Linfield Christian School. Jeff is a motivational speaker & life coach, a licensed and ordained minister, and Hospice Chaplain & Bereavement counselor. Together, Jeff and Jodi share the joys and struggles of finding their own identities in life and business without losing their love and devotion for one another and their family. James and Pauline Omps International University of Entreprenology President & Program Director California, USA Orange County Websiteiuenow.com Twitter Tweet Facebook Message Pauline is a 30-year plus professional facilitator, consulting to corporate clients in Corporate UK, Asia Pacific and US. Her life adventure around the world took a major step change in 2011 when she met and fell in love with her Soul Mate American Veteran, Jim, at a conference in Budapest, Hungary. She from the UK, he from US, they married in 2012 in Las Vegas, however the course of true love is beset by challenges of Jim’s ill-health and two major operations They left their home countries to live in Malaysia for 4 years. Arriving in California Dec 31st 2017, Pauline and Jim are stepping out once more to deliver their legacy, and their passion for harmony between men and women in all walks of life,love and business. If you have ever doubted your natural gifts of creativity and imagination and applied these to your own business, then come and explore with Jim and Pauline. Phillip White & Elisha Valentine Theoria Technical College College Founder and President Phllip White Carlsbad, Ca Websitetheoriatechnical.com Considered a “Professional Power Couple”, Phillip and Elisha spent the past couple of years building a multi-million dollar educational college for a growing industry.

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