http://ezway.tv http://ezwaybroadcasting.com gives you ACTION To Wins at the Crowne Plaza in Costa Mesa on July 15, 16, 2017 was Dr. Emily Letran’s third live event, where she shared her story, her high performance habits and her strategies to build and grow businesses based on her 24+ years journey as a serial entrepreneur.
The event was a two day workshop where attendees engaged, networked and achieved ACTION list to go home and implement. They were challenged to face their difficult decisions, to evaluate their daily, possibly non-productive habits, to revise their schedule based on results, not just being busy, and to achieve and maintain high energy by living their lives with full intentions. Dr. Emily led the audience step by step to create the roadmap in achieving high performance and maximizing business growth by implementing specific strategies in marketing and team performance
Several INFLUENCERS graced the stage of ACTION To Wins.
Loral Langemeir, 5 times NY Times Bestseller and Millionaire Maker, explained the tax and business strategies to excel with leveraging assets.
Forbes Riley, the Queen who is responsible for 2+ Billion dollars of sales on home shopping network, touched the audience with dramatic demonstrations.
Berny Dohrmann was extremely passionate on stage sharing his global vision of entrepreneurship at all levels, including teens. CEO Space Forum August 1-5, 2017 in Orlando promises to be a great gathering of great minds, mentorship and extensive collaboration.
Bill Stierlie of Corporate Culture Development created total “chaos” when he asked the attendees to self identify their own groups based on their core mode of operation, their secondary , and their “Kryptonite” element, and taught everyone how to look for team members who will immediately complement each other and improve company performance.
Dan Niera of Burn Media moderated Google Panel skyping in for the event and answered many questions regarding marketing , Google adwords, and how to position yourself in the crowded on line market.
Besides learning from great speakers, the audience was treated to daily lunches and refreshment, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Michael Laroco and Daniel Philpott of INOSOT, Kaya Redford of Helo, and ShareOn Lashe of SendOut Cards.
The team of EZWAY Broadcasting led by Eric Zuley did a phenomenal job covering speakers, interviews, testimonials, showing off their talents in serving their clients, business professionals and entrepreneurs, going the extra mile and full of authenticity and energy.
This review from Rich Cozak , Branding Expert of Rich Brands, really sums it all up
“This event and its purpose is so worthy – please for the sake of people’s lives continue and expand this event to many others! Dr. Emily Letran is an iron fist in a velvet glove of self determination and building a productive life that touches other people with blessings. It is so easy to love her heart as it is to admire her results and want to follow her example.”
ACTION To Wins successfully concluded with the audience waving and smiling as a drone view took it up sky high overlooking Orange County. Everyone left with new clarity, ACTION steps, new connections and a better, more productive business plan with HIGH PERFORMANCE habits.
For more information on the next ACTION To Wins event, scheduled for October 14, 15 in Los Angeles, please email Dr. Emily Letran directly

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